The mineral collecting bug started in my family in the mid-1950's when my grandfather, Thurman Baskin, read an article in Readers Digest about tourmalines from Oxford County, Maine. My grandparents, my father Joel, and my uncles (Kevin and Monte) took countless mineral collecting trips to New England and Canada throughout the 1950's and 1960's. They collected and sold many fine specimens over the decades. I am told my first mineral collecting experience was in Newry, Maine, collecting tourmaline crystals when I was only a year old. During my childhood, my dad and I would take off on weekends and go digging for crystals or dredging for gold. Local traprock quarries in New Jersey have produced some of the most treasured specimens and memories in my family's collection. In recent years I have researched and acquired exclusive mineral rights to the property now known as "Red Embers Mine" in Erving, Massachusetts. As the first Baskin Family mine, it produces fine, gemmy almandine garnet in graphite specimens coveted by collectors and museums around the world. - Jason